Get your steel products produced in China and Taiwan

Benefit from our many years of experience with production and import of steel in China and Taiwan and get your products produced in the region as well. We will take care of all the processes and all the paperwork from from preliminary production of your steel products to freight and import. It has never been easier to get steel products produced in Asia.

Steel is a versatile material and therefore you have a lot of options for the production. There are a lot of different alloys and we help you choose the alloy best suited for your steel product.

Unalloyed and alloy steel

Normally you distinguish between two types of steel: Unalloyed and alloy steel. The main part of steel is iron, and the alloy refers to the composition of iron and the alloy elements. The alloy for your production depends on the characteristics of your product and the use of it. We are as always at your service with counselling for achieving the optimal production. We are capable of delivering all types of steel including stainless steel.

Modern production facilities in China and Taiwan ensures the optimal steel production

Our factories in China and Taiwan are equipped with great production facilities including CNC-machines and CNC-milling machines which makes us capable of producing steel items of all types and shapes. Among other things we can produce simple steel plates, complicated items in stainless steel, galvanized steel plate, cast iron, tin and more.

We can also provide you with different processings for an example foldings, cut-outs, chromium-platings, galvanization and powder lacquering.