Manufacturing of aluminum products in Asia – China and Taiwan

Are you in the process of finding a supplier or manufacturer of aluminum products? Look no further. We have several years of extensive experience with manufacturing aluminum products of any kind in Asia. Together with our trusted and highly skilled business partners and aluminum factories in China and Taiwan are we very capable of getting your aluminum products manufactured – on time, in the desired quality and to a very competitive price. We will even make sure to do all the paperwork, so you can focus on your business.

Aluminum – a versatile material for a wide range of products

Aluminium is a very versatile material which can be used for a wide range of different products. Aluminums many capabilities in the form of its lightweight and anti-rust among others, makes it highly suitable for a lot of products, where especially weight and durability are two important factors.

Newly extracted aluminum and secondary aluminum

Mining and extraction of aluminum are two quite complicated processes which requires a high level of energy consumption and makes aluminum a rather costly material. That has opened the way for recycling of aluminum which often can be profitable. Although aluminum is aluminum, it is important to distinguish between newly extracted aluminum and recycled aluminum. Recycled aluminum or scrap aluminum is also classified as secondary aluminum. We are able to deliver and manufacture products in both types of aluminum.

Modern manufacturing facilities of aluminum products in China and Taiwan

We are working with several competent and highly skilled business partners and aluminum factories in China and Taiwan, whom will make sure that the manufacturing of your aluminum products proceeds as planned and agreed upon. Furthermore we are capable of extruding, moulding and much more. The possibilities are endless and we will assist you with all the guidance you need.