Let us supply you with the all the electronics you need produced

Are you searching for a trustworthy supplier who can produce your electronics? Then you have come to the right place. Along with our partners in China and Taiwan we are able to produce a large extent of electronic products and devices. We are of your service during the whole production process including quality control – and we even do all the paperwork for you in regards of freight, import etc.

Avoid the pitfalls when producing and importing electronics from China and Taiwan – let us do the job

We are able to supply you with all kinds of electronics from cables, lamps, plugs and sockets and installation units. Your possibilities are many, and if you have a special request not listed here we are able and more than glad to assist you.

We make sure that the electronics we supply you with are certified under the existing laws, including the CE-marking and others. If you wish to get other certifications for your electronics, we can also make that happen.

Electronics produced with modern production facilities in China and Taiwan

Your electronics will be produced on our factories’ modern production facilities in China and Taiwan, which makes special mountings and compositions of electronics possible. Furthermore we are able to provide your electronics with exceptional finishes etc.