Net-Op has been developed and produced so that it is difficult to do without. The safety has been thoroughly tested and you are secured against falling accidents by roof maintenance, it is also obvious to use the system for cleaning or replacing solar cells.


When mounting Net-Op you don’t need big machines like lift or telescopic handlers. It is though important that some fall protection is made at the end of the roof, like scaffolding.

The construction of the system is super simple, and with a weight of 14 kg, it is a netting which is ideal to carry in any craftsman’s car. With only 5 minutes to assemble and 5 minutes to pack, the money is quickly recovered.


During a year many falling accidents happen during roof maintenance and unfortunately also some with a very serious outcome. This can be avoided with the Net-Op system, which allows carpenters to maintain roofs, even if you do not have a telescopic handler available.

The whole set is packed neatly into a canvas shoulder bag, that takes up a minimum of space in the car and can be handled easy.

We also have a big stock of spareparts, so parts are can be ordered fast when you need them.

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