SWED-MARK A/S was founded in 2002

SWED-MARK A/S was founded in 2002 by two danish companies and one swedish company, hence the name SWED-MARK – a contraction of Sweden and Denmark.

John Mikkelsen is with his extensive experience as purchasing manager from the furniture industry the company’s onliest owner-employee.

Ongoing growth and intensified engagement in Asia

We experience a steady growth which also means that our office in Denmark now counts four employees – the majority of us has several years of seniority.

We are continuing our trips to China and Taiwan – our most important sourcing areas – and visits the region ten to twelve times a year where we visit our factories and business partners.

Ongoing changes of ownership

SWED-MARK A/S has been undergoing several changes of ownership throughout the years. Today our ownership is on danish hands with JM-HOLDING SKIVE ApS and RYAN POULSEN INVEST ApS as owners.

Continuous development in SWED-MARKs customer base and lots of activities in China and Taiwan

We have a continuous development of our customer base, where especially recommendation our customers in-between has been a driving force. We take that as a sign of recognition and it is something we are very proud of. We work hard everyday to proceed that.

China and Taiwan are our most important sourcing areas. We have our long term suppliers in the area and we have regular employees for product development, drawings, process control, assembling and packing plus control before shipping.